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Family Fun Event

Family Fun Event

Recently something unique and wonderful happened in Tzfat. A city known for its history, mystery, and kabbalah hosted it’s first-ever “Fun Day” for families of special needs children. Hosted by the Noam school and sponsored by  Eli אלי Mothers for Our Children, it was the first time ever that children and families came together for such an event.

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Volunteer high school students were paired with each disabled child who needed supervision. Other siblings were just having fun doing activities & crafts, eating cotton candy, blowing bubbles. Parents were able to converse with each other in a relaxed atmosphere. The collective repose was palpable. No one stared. No one judged. No one had to worry about negotiating stairs or traffic. Whether in a walker, wheelchair, Downs Syndrome, Fragile X,  Autism… They were just plain kids having fun with their families.

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We displayed one of our beautiful hives full of fascinating bee pictures. We spoke about wax and bee bahaviour. We encouraged everyone to touch, feel, and smell the actual comb (and our BeEco wax candles!) We spoke with a lot of parents, showing that their children could navigate the future with family, fun, AND employment. Yes, your child will have a future job or work opportunity based on his abilities because companies like Neshikha exist.

And we had a great time doing it!


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