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Welcome to the world of Neshika featuring two extraordinary individuals, Chaya BenBaruch and Miri Newcome, who have embarked on unique journeys that intertwine nature, family, inclusivity, and activism. From the buzzing hives to the beating hearts of their families, Miri and Chaya bring a wealth of experiences that are as diverse as the bees they nurture.

**Invite Chaya and Miri to Speak to Your Group:**

Are you intrigued by the tales of Chaya Ben Baruch and Miri the Beekeeper? Do you want to explore the fascinating intersection of inclusivity, beekeeping, and environmental activism? Neshika offers engaging and insightful speaking engagements and workshops that cover a myriad of topics encompassed by their principles. Whether you’re interested in inclusivity in the workplace, beekeeping, or environmental activism, Chaya and Miri can tailor their talks to suit your group’s interests.

**Meet Chaya BenBaruch: Kidney Donor, Inclusivity Advocate, and Chief Ideation Officer:**

Chaya Ben Baruch, a kidney donor, vocal inclusivity advocate, and a mother to 10 children, stands at the heart of a story that beautifully weaves together compassion, academia, and advocacy. Five of her children, both natural and adopted, experience Down’s Syndrome, adding a unique and beautiful dimension to her family. Chaya’s academic journey, with degrees in marine biology and certificates in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, has taken an unexpected turn into a realm of inclusivity and care.

**Meet Miri the Beekeeper:**

On the other side of this extraordinary narrative is Miri Newcome, a devoted mother, grandmother, and US Army Veteran who has found her passion in the gentle hum of bees. With a profound love for these remarkable creatures and a keen understanding of their vital role in our ecosystem, Miri has become a beacon of knowledge and care. Her mindful hive placement not only safeguards the bees but also provides a captivating setting for educational groups to learn about the intricate world of beekeeping.

But Miri’s journey doesn’t stop at the apiary. With degrees in musicology and a diverse career in instructional design, she has seamlessly blended her love for bees with her eclectic background. Miri is not just a beekeeper; she is a storyteller, weaving together the harmonies of nature and the rhythms of life.


**Chaya and Miri: Navigating the Neshika Mission:**

Together, Chaya and Miri have joined forces under the Neshika mission, driven by a commitment to creating products that reflect their deep love for the Earth and its inhabitants. Their principles revolve around supporting organic, sustainable agriculture, fostering an inclusive organizational environment, promoting personal and social healing through outreach and education, and championing environmental activism.

Neshika is not just a brand; they are a family united by a vision for a healthier world. With 100% organic products, bee-related treats, and a proudly differently-abled team, Neshika is more than a brand – it’s a movement.

Reach out to us, and let Chaya and Miri bring their unique blend of passion, knowledge, and activism to your community. Together, let’s create a buzz that echoes the harmony of nature and the power of inclusivity.


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