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Bee Kissable Principles

Organic & Sustainable

Supporting organic, sustainable agriculture through our purchasing practices


An inclusive business environment that promotes participation at every level


Personal and social healing through inclusivity, outreach and education

Global Stewardship

We advocate for a better world for our children and grandchildren

Field Tested Tactical Skin Care

Mighty Balm/מרפא עוז


Field tested, tactical skin care?!

“Mighty Balm/ ממרפא עוז” embodies the protective and healing properties necessary in a tactical balm. It’s not just a skincare product; it’s your secret weapon for cuts, abrasions, rashes, blisters, tattoos, chapped skin, and much more.

Supporting Our Soldiers

Neshika is proud to support our soldiers, and “Mighty Balm/ ממרפא עוז” is our way of showing our appreciation.

Buy one/Give one!

Every purchase of “Mighty Balm/ מרפא עוז” enables us to donate this product to soldiers in the field.

At Neshika, we know that everyone is somebody’s child, and that’s why we care deeply about our soldiers. We understand that each one of them holds a special place in someone’s heart. While we may not be able to give each of them a hug in person, we can offer them the next best thing – “Mighty Balm/מרפא עוז,” a product brought to you by Neshika and made with 100% love.


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