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Why We Care About Your Lips


Maybe you are a person who has chapped cracked lips but you cringe at the idea of using some perfume-y, glossy, feminine stuff on your lips.

Maybe you are a mom or dad that has kids who have dry skin, especially on his or her lips but don’t want to put petroleum based salve on their skin, and certainly not on their lips.

Maybe you like to wear lipstick but it flakes off in no time because you have chapped, dry lips?

Maybe you’re a professional flautist who suffers from chronic chapped, cracked lips? So much so, that you should own stock in several (unnamed) lip balm companies?

We’ve had all of these concerns. We’re not so unique, and tend to worry about others. That’s why we created Neshikha lip balm and skin care products.

We use 100% organic olive oil and locally sourced beeswax as our base. We add a bit of pomegranate seed oil because it nurtures your lips and adds a touch of sunscreen protection. Organic castor seed is included to provide a smoother application. Selected essential oils add scent that is subtle and memorable without being overpowering.

Our product will not leave your lips feeling greasy, gritty, waxy, or sticky. Using Neshikha lip balm gives you some pretty kissable lips and will make you smile.

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