Honey Rant

Let’s talk about honey, shall we?

That sweet, sticky, complex substance only produced by bees. Specifically apis mellifera commonly known as the Honey Bee.
Yes, there are other bees in the world. Most make honey, but because of their non-social nature, tend to consume all they make.
The Honey Bee is a social insect. Simply put, it means they work together to survive. They function as an integrated, multi-generational group, dividing the labour based on multiple factors e.g. age, ability, and disposition.

In ideal circumstances, a female honeybee will produce 3x the amount of honey necessary to sustain herself in her lifetime. That amounts to a whopping 5 drops (about 1/12 of a teaspoon).

Needless to say, she works pretty hard to make those 5 drops. Bees need to visit about 4 million flowers to collect enough nectar for 1kg of honey. Circumstances are rarely “ideal” and to promote the health of our hives we are very, very frugal about harvesting honey.

Our hives are equipped with Flow Frames, so when we do harvest it’s unadulterated, and least invasive to the bees.
Although committed to pasturing our bees in organic environments, we cannot control where they forage. Therefore, we are not comfortable claiming our honey is “organic.”

After all that – when we DO have honey it’s fan-uber-tastic!

…and sometimes available for sale ? So, keep checking back. Or better yet- come visit us. We usually have some stashed for special guests.

ee frame with gloved hand

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