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29 Days of Honey – Elul 5781 – Honey Cream Cheese Frosting

I’ve challenged myself to post 29 honey recipes in the next month – BEFORE Rosh Hashana.

Not just your Bubbe’s honey cake. As a beekeeper and avid cook I can take you and your honey places you’ve never been before- culinarily speaking.

So grab your honey and let’s get beezee!

Honeys can vary in colour from almost white to dark amber. The colour of honey is generally dependent on the floral source. Blooming plants actually regulate their nectar production throughout the course of the day (and night!) to attract different types of pollinators, therefore ensuring thorough and broad dissemination of their pollen. Watch your outdoor plants throughout the day and see how many different pollinators visit.

Carrot flowers do not self pollinate – they rely on insect visits.

I love carrot cake. Bare-naked carrot cake. I do not love cream cheese frosting. Whoever came up with THAT idea deserves… well, it’s a crime against carrot cake, so use your imagination. Let me know what you come up with. I’m convinced it was invented to hide the actual carrot-ness of the cake. Some people can be so embarrassed about their vegetables. “Oh try this, it has great frosting.” And then after the first bite and subsequent yummy noises breaking the news to the unsuspecting victim that the cake is – gasp – made from carrots! Too late. They’re hooked on frosting.

In lieu of tracking down that particular carrot cake criminal let’s just mess with their universe a bit.

Honey Cream Cheese Frosting

You will need:

  • Stand mixer, hand mixer, or a serious paddle-shaped spoon and some upper-body strength
  • 250 g cream cheese, room temperature but not soupy
  • 80 g honey
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract – optional

How to do it: 

  1. Beat cream cheese until smooth
  2. Add honey, and beat some more
    • I do not recommend drizzling in while beating – that tends to throw the honey to the sides of the bowl, ignoring the cream cheese
  3. Add vanilla or other flavouring (if desired – I do not)
  4. Shmear on the nearest thing available – a finger works until you can locate a naked carrot cake

Keep refrigerated until ready to use

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