Beehive Sponsorship (2024) – 12 Month, Individual



Supporting Israel through beekeeping offers numerous benefits, both personally and for the wider community. Here’s why sponsoring a hive is so important:

  • Health Benefits of Honey: Honey is renowned for its natural medicinal properties. It promotes healing, soothes sore throats, and can even help alleviate seasonal allergies. By sponsoring a hive, you ensure a steady supply of this wholesome, unprocessed honey, which you can enjoy yourself or share as a thoughtful gift with loved ones.
  • Unique and Delightful Products: Our bees produce more than just honey. Treat yourself or your friends and family to our luxurious beeswax-based body care products and beautifully fragrant decorative candles. These items are perfect for pampering and add a touch of natural elegance to any home.
  • Personal Connection: When you sponsor a hive, you’re not just receiving honey; you’re fostering a personal connection with Israel. You’ll receive monthly updates about the health and progress of your own bee colony, giving you a window into the world of beekeeping and the unique landscape of Israel.
  • Support Local Beekeepers: Your sponsorship directly supports local Israeli beekeepers who are dedicated to sustainable and ethical practices. This helps preserve the tradition of beekeeping in Israel and supports the local economy.
  • Strengthening Ties to the Land: By sponsoring a hive, you are cultivating a special relationship with the Land of Israel. This connection is more than just receiving honey; it’s about being a part of something larger and more meaningful. Your support helps maintain the biodiversity and health of the environment, contributing to a flourishing ecosystem.

Sponsoring a hive is a beautiful and meaningful way to support Israel while enjoying the numerous benefits that come from the hardworking bees. Join us in fostering a thriving, sustainable future for both the bees and the beekeepers of Israel.

    • Monthly email update with pictures and-or video clips
    • 2 Bee Safari credits (1 credit includes one visit for 2 people. We recommend an early-season and late-season tour. Additional credits can be purchased for NIS 75/pp)
    • 5 kgs of honey
    • 500g filtered beeswax
    • 10% discount on all Gift Packages
    • Zoom-session with the Beekeepers and the Bees!

Please Note:

  • Hive can only be visited by appointment and weather permitting
    • Each appointment is equal to one tour credit for 2 people unless otherwise specified
  • If honey harvest does not meet package requirements, honey from the same apiary will be substituted
  • Neshikha holds no responsibility for any injury or reaction resulting from a bee sting to any visitor
  • Shipment of honey outside of Israel will incur additional fees.
  • Tours and/or workshops are transferrable

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Now accepting applications for 2024. Fantastic gift for newly-wed couples!

If you’re seeking a genuine, hands-on way to enrich and nourish bee populations in Israel, our annual (12-month) hive sponsorships can provide just such an opportunity: sponsoring one of our growing beehive colonies directly helps us provide the highest level of professional care and attention for our pollinators.


  • Honey’s many natural medicinal properties promote healing and can help allay seasonal allergies
  • You can savor our raw, unprocessed honey or pamper loved ones with a sweet,  gift
  • Indulge yourself with our pure beeswax-based body care products and fragrant decorative candles

An individual beehive sponsorship ensures that our small-batch, artisanal honey is shipped directly to your home or business throughout the year, provides you with monthly updates on how your very own colony is faring, and – most importantly – cultivates a unique, flourishing relationship with the Land of Israel, local beekeepers, and – of course – our thriving colonies.

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