Wax Wrap Refresher


Already liberated yourself from cling film? Congratulations!

Have creative ideas of your own for wax wraps? Wonderful!

and also…

Over time, or perhaps accidentally washing in hot water, you might notice they become less clingy.

Have no fear the refresher block is here.

50g of our BeEco wax wrap mix. Enough to cover a half-meter+ of fabric.

Instructions included.

Another great hostess gift.

Also check our YouTube channel for video tutorials.



What is a BeEco Wax Wrap

A fantastic, versatile, eco-friendly plastic wrap alternative. Perfect for covering leftovers, taking snacks on the go, or fruit and vegetables. If you care about your food you should care about what its wrapped in.

How to Use

Use the warmth of your hands to mold and wrap around items e.g. breads, nuts, bowls, etc.

Keep away from heat

Beeswax wraps ARE NOT microwave or oven safe and should not be used to cover hot foods or near open flame.

How to clean

Wash in cool water and mild soap. Air dry and fold.

With proper care, your wraps will last for many uses. Should your wraps require re-waxing over time, please refer to our website for instructions.

Our wraps are handmade from 100% organic Neshikha BeEco wax, pine resin, and hemp seed oil. They are food safe, biodegradable, and kosher under supervision of the Tzfat Rabbanut.

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 100 g