Introducing Neshika

Located in the ancient city of Tzfat in Northern Israel, Neshika (Nesh-ee-KAH: the Hebrew word for kiss), is a growing brand of bee-related products and gifts, all made with 100% Love. With the assistance of our specially-abled team and Israel’s most pampered bees, we have crafted what we feel are the best lip balms and honeys available.

We think the whole world should Bee Kissable, and with Neshika, you are buying the promise of love, care, and everything that’s fair in the world. Read our Mission & Principles.

Critical to our lives and business model is fostering an environment that is respectful and supportive to all. With this in mind we promote inclusivity at all levels, from logistics & fulfillment, to creativity, production, and sales.

Ingredients and Sourcing

Neshika products are created to bring comfort, insight, pleasure, and peace to the body and mind of their users. Our formulas are simple and created with organic, locally sourced ingredients. There are no artificial additives for colour, flavor, or preservation. All products are made under supervision of the Tzfat Rabbanut.

Blended in small batches, our ingredients- don’t blink, there are only 5:

  1. Olive Oil – This is the very same olive oil we feed our families. It’s also the preferred olive oil of many Tzfat Restaurateurs
  2. Castor Seed Oil – For extra smoothness & shine
  3. Beeswax* – what holds it together
  4. Essential Oils – what makes it smell good, and some say is good for you. What we don’t grow and distill ourselves, we purchase locally
  5. Pomegranate Seed Oil – For intense hydrating and SPF

*Hey, guess what? – It’s our beeswax! Or rather, beeswax from our bees. We can talk about beeswax for hours. Bees work really hard to make wax.

BeEco Wax*

* A completely creative technical term

For our skin products we only harvest wax from burr comb. Burr comb is any comb the bees build outside of the frames in the hive. Because this is “ extra” comb, it’s also extra pure. If burr comb isn’t removed, it can really interfere with our ability to remove frames to check hive health. So every time we open the hives for inspection, one of our tasks is to remove this comb. Because wax colour is influenced by what the bees are foraging on it can vary from light white to almost orange, and sometimes green. We use zero colorants in our products – the bees have taken care of that for us.

The wax for our candles we refer to as BeEco-wax. We made that name up BTW. You may notice it’s quite dark compared to most “beeswax” candles you might normally see. This is because we do not harvest wax until the bees have used it a number of years. Why? Bees have to work very hard to make wax, and once they have created the cells/comb inside the hive those same cells are used again and again for multiple purposes. To promote hive health and production, we let them use the heck out of that wax. The older the wax, the darker it becomes. This benefits the bees by allowing them to focus on other tasks in the hive, although they continue to build new comb. The benefit to us is that the very-used wax has been infused with a fantastic honey scent! This wax burns just as well as newer, yellower wax.

Our products are certified kosher by the Tzfat Rabbanut.

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