Grandma Yaeli’s Move – a wordless counting book by Chaya BenBaruch


Cuddle up with your child and help him learn and practice arithmetic skills with numbers 0-10.

Grandma Yaeli moves into an apartment and all nine of her grandchildren come to help her with the task.

On each page you can see how Grandma Yaeli and her grandchildren move various objects related to the seasons of the year.

Illustrations by Lisa Kane Hammerman

25 pages

Layout by Tami Armon

Neshikha co-founder Chaya BenBaruch has created a thoughtful, cheery, and inclusive “wordless” reading experience that fosters learning and storytelling on many levels. Although printed in Hebrew, the concept and illustrations speak for themselves in any language.




What is “wordless counting” ?

Wordless picture books contain only pictures and little or no text. They depend entirely on carefully sequenced illustrations to present the story. The illustrations must be highly narrative.

Although wordless picture books are generally aimed at preschoolers (aged 4 to 6), some of them are also intended for older children because they contain complex plot structures, subtle imagery, and sophisticated tone.

Since wordless picture books require a response from the “reader”, they play an important role in the development of positive reading habits and attitudes among children.

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 200 g